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  • Get the 5 answers you need to create a monster elevator speech
  • When people ask you “What do you do?” Do you have a prepared statement that explains what you do in a way that makes them say Wow! I need to work with this company, may I have your card?”
  • If not, You are missing out daily on opportunities to market your company to your ideal prospects (and get more clients!)
  • Get the 5 point cheat sheet that I used to create my 30 second commercial and Business Woman taking notesturn a casual encounter into 6 figure ($100,000+) cleaning contract- more than once!


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The World’s OLDEST Profession?

What you’re looking at right now is an unusual picture, and It’s not what you expected, right? Trust me; This picture holds the secret to you having all the ideal clients you want in your cleaning service business (and it’s not what you might be thinking)…Just keep reading all the way to the very end, and you’ll discover:

Just how you can get highly qualified prospects to spontaneously contact you each week without devoting a TON of time on marketing or spending lots of money paying others to do it for you!

Instead, you’ll enjoy a higher personal income AND more free time, while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing your consistent growth is assured



Here’s the thing: I want you to be able to get the MOST value from the tools and tips I’ll share with you – things I’ve developed over the last 23 years of running my own very successful commercial cleaning company in Las Vegas, NV. These are the tools I’m using today to enable me to take off months at a time to travel the world, make a very good living while doing what I love most ; providing great service to my clients-plus jobs, advancement & opportunities for my employees. I still have plenty of free time for family, friends, and hobbies, plus investing & saving for my retirement. Is this what you want too?


So, here’s how our new training tools and projects are going to be offered:


The 5 training modules will cover the following topics:

1. Marketing; Defining your cleaning service as a unique solution, positioning it in a crowded marketplace & promoting it to your ideal target client.
2. Human Resources ; Recruiting, hiring, training, supervising, terminating team members.
3. Creating Systems that enable you to take yourself out of the cleaning to concentrate on managing your business more effectively.
4. Creating and Presenting winning proposals
5. Quality Control and Customer Service; streamline & standardize your cleaning operations, improving your ability to retain your existing customers.

We’re still re-building our support team and so we have a limited ability to respond to phone calls. The best way to reach out to Pam/us is by submitting this contact form. Sorry, we just can’t take on any more private (one on one) coaching clients at this time.

 Articles / Blog Posts


Replace Yourself With Employees Your Clients Will LOVE

Replace Yourself With Employees Your Clients Will LOVE Here’s a question (and my answer) from FaceBook My husband and I have been owners and sole operators of a home services business for almost 9 years, We provide rental cleaning services and residential cleaning plus home maintenance services. Our business is growing and struggle with hiring a part time cleaner to lessen our work load. Many of my residential and rental clients have been with us for several years and because they are only used to “me” cleaning for them, it makes it difficult. So my question is, how do I transition my clients into having someone else clean their home or vacation property? I also have a hard time with hiring someone because of differences in work ethic, trusting someone to do their job and showing up on time and doing a good job. This business is our only income and I’m always afraid of jeopardizing that. Any suggestions you can give in helping to hire the right person would be appreciated. Stacy: What an EXCELLENT question! Without meaning to sound overly dramatic, I believe that the way you handle (or mis-handle) this challenge could be a defining moment in the success/failure of your business. Here’s why: Unless you are able to wean your clients away from having you doing all the cleaning, your business can never grow beyond the 8,10, or 12 hours per days that you are able to work. What happens as you age? What if you get sick? Can you never take a vacation? The way things stand now, you may have gotten yourself into... read more

Where to find well paying commercial cleaning accounts

Where to find well paying commercial cleaning accounts Here’s an interesting question (and my answer) I had on Facebook yesterday about the difference between residential and commercial rates, and where to find well paying commercial cleaning accounts. Question: I own a residential maid service in RI and we are trying to break into the commercial cleaning side of things but we are not having any luck. The prices local commercial establishments are willing to pay are about 25% of what our residential clients pay and would not even cover our payroll costs. My staff currently makes between $10 and $14 an hour, are fully on the books and are covered by workers comp. and liability insurance.  It would seem from the contact we have made with some local businesses that they are using companies that are misclassifying staff as independent contractors or are using individuals off of places like Craigslist and Thumbtack. We attempted to educate them, as we do with our residential clients, about the dangers of using companies who misclassify staff or uninsured individuals and we were met with complete disinterest. They generally didn’t care if the company cleaning for them was legit or not…all they cared about was the price. I’m curious….are commercial rates really that much lower than residential rates? Is this “price is all that matters” attitude a Rhode Island thing or is it across the board in commercial cleaning? We do clean for a number of businesses during the daytime but we’d also like to get some crews doing night cleaning but we can’t seem to get our foot in the door. I’m... read more

Clean More Residential Vacancies?

Want To Clean More Residential Vacancies? Question I received today on FaceBook….. I would like information on building my cleaning business with real estate companies preparing home for move-ins/ move-outs. My answer: This is my favorite subject! I love talking about marketing almost more than any other topic, so if you want to know how to clean more residential vacancies here goes: What you’ll want to do is find out where your “ideal prospects” (realtors) hang out in your town. Then, see how you can : 1. Meet them there in person (networking events) trade association meetings, etc. 2. Advertise there (trade magazine, newsletter, email or postal mail list etc.) 3. Speak in front of them (contact your local speakers bureau or the chamber of commerce of their trade group) I’ll go a step further and suggest that if you want to clean more residential vacancies you may want to specifically target realtors who specialize in the “high end” real estate in your area.  So, you could drive around in those areas and write down the phone numbers of the agents contact info you see on “for sale” signs posted.  OR, you could contact your local Association of Realtors and see if they will tell you who the top local RE producers are (based on either the dollar amount or the number of homes they sell in the last 12 months)  Another option would be to use Google and see who has the most expensive ad (also check the yellow pages). Chances are, if their paying for an expensive ad, it’s because they are doing VERY... read more

How To Get New Commercial Cleaning Accounts (Easily)

How To Get New Commercial Cleaning Accounts (From a LinkedIn group ) Question: Breaking into the office cleaning market: How do you get new business accounts? I only have one business that I clean for. A small financial type of business, every other week. (other accounts are residential) I have made some nice flyers and business cards, gone out to local medical and professional businesses in town offering free quotes for cleaning their buildings/offices/practices, but have not gained any new clients this way. I am a friendly professional person, so this is not the problem. I also have tried Service Magic, it didn’t help. I am listed in all the directories online search engines, etc. I have done postcard mailings and cold calling on the phone. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Answer: The things that you are doing so far are great. You may have to repeat these activities a few times, because repetition is the name of the game in marketing and commercial clients only buy your service every now and again (not daily like food). First thing to do is to ask all of your residential clients to keep your company in mind for their offices and ask them to take the flyers you have and give them to the person in charge of this area at their place of work. Next, draft a nice informal letter that you can send out to everyone you know. Send it postal mail and let them know that you have a growing specialty in this market. Describe your “ideal” client to them and ask for referrals. Now that you’ve gotten... read more

65 Ways to Attract More Clients and Make More Money

65 Ways to Attract More Clients and Make More Money  Craft and memorize an elevator speech Create programs rather than offering one-time services Become a referral partner for someone who shares your ideal client Host brainstorming sessions with clients Offer more than one option on your proposals Write 3 handwritten thank you notes per day to attract more clients Define your ideal client very specifically- then share the info with everyone you know Hire a business coach for 6 months (this is an investment not an expense) Do 3 lunches, breakfasts, or coffees per week to spread the word Make sure you have all the necessary business equipment Host an open house for your best clients and prospects Make a list of organizations that need speakers– and contact them! Launch a party for your new product or service Keep your materials simple – less is more Develop your own personal “compelling story” and include it in your marketing Set up 3 short- term goals each month to attract more clients Come from a mentality of abundance Follow up with all prospects in less than 48 hours Set up a way for commercial clients to pay you by ACH, debit or credit card Write out your Unique Selling Proposition Write out what separates you from your competition Join a breakfast networking group (I like BNI) Get hired for speaking engagements Make sure your website captures prospects contact information with an “irresistible free offer” Create a one-sheet flyer or brochure to attract more clients Referrals – educate, nurture, ask, reward Give client’s birthday gifts Attract more clients by writing out your... read more

Win FREE Cleaning Business Marketing Tools/Coaching

Win FREE Cleaning Business Marketing Tools/Coaching As I prepare to launch my new courses for cleaning business owners and operators, I am offering free training and tools to one cleaning service business owner that I will select at the END of the course; So, here’s how it will work: Register and for the Marketing Tools Blueprint Coaching Module. Implement everything I teach you (by completing the worksheets, checklists, templates, etc. Create and implement your marketing plan. Participate regularly (at least 2 X each week) in the MasterMind forum, by contributing encouragement, reporting what’s working (or not) for you and give the feedback I’ll request (in the form of 3-4 surveys during the 8 weeks) along with some of your business challenges. Then, at the end of the training, send in your coursework to me for review. I’ll select one person as the “Master Implementer”. That  person will get NOT ONLY a full refund of the tuition paid for the course, BUT will get to have their choice of any of the other 5 modules – when released. The other 5 areas I’ll cover in later Blueprint Modules will be: 1. Human Resources – Recruiting, hiring, training, supervising, terminating employees. Build your Dream Team. 2. Creating Systems that enable you to take yourself out of the cleaning to concentrate on managing your business more effectively. 3. Creating and Presenting winning proposals 4. Quality Control and Customer Service; streamline & standardize your cleaning operations, improving your ability to retain your existing customers.                                                ... read more

CLEANING BUSINESS MARKETING – The most important thing

CLEANING BUSINESS MARKETING CLEANING BUSINESS MARKETING – The most important thing If you are the owner of a cleaning business, you may already know that marketing is one of the many things that MUST get done in order for you to be successful. But did you know this…..? That without a marketing plan, consistently utilized, it’s next to impossible for you to ever have any real measure of success in your cleaning service business. Worse; without a good (cleaning business marketing) plan, dedicated resources (whether that’s time, effort, money, or a bit of all three) – plus the commitment to plan your work and work your plan (year in and year out come rain or shine) you’re setting yourself up for failure. Here’s the plain truth (and I’m only sharing this with you because I want you to succeed) –  If you are in business- ANY type of business– you are also in the “sales” business. That’s the simple truth. Remember that old saying “If you build a better mouse-trap the world will beat a path to your door”? Well, I’m not sure if that was ever true but it most definitely is NOT true in 2015. AND- It cannot be applied to cleaning business marketing. Now, I know many of you will say “I don’t want to be in the business of selling and marketing. I want to be in the business of cleaning ”. Some of you will say: *     I don’t like sales *     I’m not good at sales *     Sales people are sleazy But, if you are in the cleaning business – marketing is just... read more

2 Cleaning Service Business Owners Won $100 Visa Gift Cards

Cleaning Business owners are looking to build their companies by adding new clients, improving their staffing functions, learning  about quality control and customer services, and creating systems (that take them out of the cleaning field) and put them back in the office – managing their companies. Because I’ve gotten so many requests for this kind of help in the last 18 months, I asked you to tell me what were the biggest challenges facing your company right now. Well, the response was overwhelming. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know what you need help on, and how you want to receive that help! As promised, I randomly selected 2 of the names of those who responded as a thank you for giving me your input. The two lucky winners were Amelia Talford (My Cleaning Lady) and Chris Dunlap (Mops N Buckets). We’ll be sending out their gift cards early next week. Although we’ve already selected the winners of the gift cards, its not too late for you to tell me what challenges in your cleaning service business you need help with. If you’d like to give me your input, do it now: Here’s my BIGGEST challenge I’m taking that information and using it to design new training modules that should be ready for release around the middle of July 2015. Stay tuned here, or on my FaceBook page to get notification when the training tools become available!... read more

What Should A Cleaning Business Owner Bring To A Cleaning Proposal Walk-Through?

Being a cleaning business coach as well as a cleaning business owner, of course I work with a business coach. Like most cleaning business owners, I like to get new cleaning accounts and I’m constantly working to improve my cleaning business, grow as a business owner and as a person. I enjoy the accountability that comes from working one-on one with a coach, and it’s helpful to have him supplement the areas in my business where my skill set isn’t that great. A few weeks ago, he invited me to prepare and submit a cleaning proposal to clean his office space. While, his office doesn’t exactly fit the model of the typical client we service, I thought it could be extremely helpful to have his expert opinion from a customer’s viewpoint. Frankly, I also know he’s pretty well connected in the Las Vegas business community and I welcome the opportunity to impress him enough to encourage him to send me referrals. Seems like a win-win to me. As an added benefit for readers of my blog, I thought I’d share some of what he discussed with me after the walk-through. These may be things I already know, but unless I am incorporating them into my daily operations, I don’t really know them, I’ve only heard about them. They may seem basic but I found his input to be refreshing and helpful. After all, how often do we really get honest feedback from clients or potential clients that’s designed to aid us in improving our cleaning business’s success? For me, the answer is not very often. And, of course, since... read more

Personal Growth is Vital to the Growth and Success of Your Cleaning Business

It’s so easy as you work to get new cleaning accounts or try to improve your cleaning business to stop taking good care of your personal, physical and spiritual self. In today’s fast paced environment of technology, constant demands on your time and the pressure to keep on top of what’s happening day to day in your company, who has time for “big picture” thinking? And yet, wasn’t there a big picture that lead you to become self-employed in the first place?   This week, I am sharing a video from one of the world’s best big picture thinkers who’ll remind us about some important consideration while we strive to improve our cleaning business. Click here to view the video. Because here’s an important truth: Your business can’t grow unless you grow. As the person responsible for charting the course and steering the ship, your vision is critical to the success of the voyage. And after all, life is a voyage isn’t it? While it’s necessary to stay focused on the destination, it’s also important that the voyage be enjoyable, properly managed, and executed according to the overall goals. I hope this video encourages you to think deeply about what else is important in life. Focusing on your overall voyage will not only be healthy, fun and keep you balanced, it will actually increase your ability to get new cleaning accounts and improve your cleaning business success. I promise! Get the latest Training/Tools Blueprint to easily improve your HR practices, get new (ideal) clients, create systems that run your business while you enjoy free time, present winning proposals, or... read more