Want even MORE coaching (including daily access to me)?

Join the BMCB Academy which is your first step towards Ultimate Cleaning Business Success! This is a 12 month academic program where you’ll have learn to create and use the PROCESSES & SYSTEMS needed to dramatically increase your cleaning business income, reduce the number of hours you work, and automate your business so you finally live your most purposeful life. Here’s how you make the transformation

  1. Weekly Training Call (Marketing, Sales, Recruiting, Hiring, Training, Managing, Team Building, Customer Service, Quality Control, Mindset, Motivation, Overcoming Obstacles, Creating Systems, and Automation Strategies)
  2. Private (FB) MasterMind Group with posts by Pam 4 X per week, + daily access
  3. Monthly LIVE Group Call (it will be recorded in case you can’t attend in person)
  4. Monthly LIVE “Hot Seat” Training ( 1-3 cleaning business owners coached @ their current challenge via Skype, Webinar or Teleclass) ) also recorded in case you can’t attend in person
  5. Monthly Transformation Exercise – worksheets, templates, checklists, and cheat sheets to walk you step-by-step through the things you need to implement in your business.



Free Audio Training – 28 Day Transformation

  • Have you set your goals down in writing?
  • Do you have the Action Steps you need to get you there?
  • Are you planning to DOUBLE your sales?

If you can spend 15-20 minutes with me each day listening to this free audio training, then you can get started transforming your business right now This audio training is for you if:

  • You want the TIME freedom to work 40 hours per week or less while still bringing home a 6 figure paycheck
  • You want the PEOPLE freedom to work with ideal clients who pay your rates without question and appreciate your services
  • You want the FINANCIAL freedom to live a lifestyle of ease and comfort (enjoying toys, hobbies, & vacations) while prudently planning for your future


Free Download: 30  Second MONEY MAKER – For Cleaning Service Companies ONLY

Here’s what’s revealed:

  • Get the 5 answers you need to create  raving fans and prospects!
  • When people ask you “Where do you work ?” do you explain what you do in a way that makes them say Wow! I need to work with your company, may I have your card?”
  • If not, You are missing out daily on opportunities to market your company to your ideal prospects (and get more clients, income and free time!)
  • Get the 5 point cheat sheet that I used to create my 30 second money maker and Business Woman taking notesturn a casual encounter into 6 figure ($100,000+) cleaning contract- more than once!

Start marketing your cleaning service company now and start making money now!


Download the 30 Second Money Making Tool by clicking the button below to kickstart your marketing today!



 PROPOSAL BLUEPRINT      Looking to create & deliver commercial cleaning proposals that actually win you the new account?      This 4 week inter-active training contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices of closing deals with your ideal clients and prospects. Get written materials, audio and video, + templates, checklists, and resource guides.      Includes live weekly coaching calls and a by-invitation-only private MasterMind forum. Think of this Blueprint Training as your key to gaining new clients no matter if you have few (or no) sales skills.      Even with the best marketing plan in the world, once you get in front of propects, it’s vital you ‘close’ the ones you want, to grow your business more quickly and more easily! This Course is Closed!  Look for news of next session in December.



Businessman holding Help Wanted sign --- Image by © Tetra Images/Corbis H.R. BLUEPRINT      Without the ability to RECRUIT, HIRE, TRAIN, & SUPERVISE A “Dream Team” of cleaning service employees, your business is really no more than a JOB for you. As long as you are unable to delegate the cleaning to others, you’re stuck having to ‘do it all’ yourself, your business growth is limited, and you can’t focus on the BIG PICTURE needs that guide & grow your cleaning service business to success!      Would you’d like to have a staff that shares your company values, gives 110% to every client, helps you increase profits and stays with your company as long as you desire? Then check out the H.R. Blueprint training with a cleaning service industry expert. In this 5 week interactive training, I’ll reveal the lessons I’ve learned in 22 years (and counting) of managing my own very successful cleaning service business in Las Vegas, NV. Together, we’ll craft Human Resources systems and processes (I’ll provide step-by-step instructions) customized to where you are and what you need in YOUR cleaning service business RIGHT NOW. Armed with the checklists, templates, cheat sheets, MasterMind access and group coaching calls, you’ll soon be assembling the Dream Team” you’ve always wanted……
  This Course is now Closed. Look for next session announcement in December



Are you struggling to grow your cleaning service business? Do you have less income than you want? Would you like to market for growth but don’t know exactly what to do? Have you tried various marketing techniques without much success? Need a plan to consistently implement strategies that get more commercial clients?

The Marketing Tools is a (6 week long) interactive training course where I’ll walk you through (in small groups) the process of creating and implementing your very own Marketing Action Plan- specific to YOUR BUSINESS. We’ll do this by me providing you with written and audio materials which are complemented with worksheets, cheat-sheets, templates, and checklists you use both to learn the material, and to create a custom plan that fits where you are in your business RIGHT NOW. We’ll have a weekly phone call to review the material, answer your questions and go in depth even further.

This Course is now Closed. Look for News of the next Marketing Tools Blueprint in December

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Here’s the thing: I want you to be able to get the MOST value from the tools and tips I’ll share with you – things I’ve developed over the last 23 years of running my own very successful commercial cleaning company in Las Vegas, NV. These are the tools I’m using today to enable me to take off months at a time to travel the world, make a very good living while doing what I love most ; providing great service to my clients-plus jobs, advancement & opportunities for my employees. I still have plenty of free time for family, friends, and hobbies, plus investing & saving for my retirement. Is this what you want too?


So, here’s how our new training tools and projects are going to be offered:


The 5 training modules will cover the following topics:

1. Marketing; Defining your cleaning service as a unique solution, positioning it in a crowded marketplace & promoting it to your ideal target client. Learn and begin implementing (more than a dozen) of the most effective marketing strategies to attract new commercial accounts. Never clean another account yourself. 2.  Create & Deliver winning commercial cleaning proposals. Learn to “pre-screen” prospects in advance, so you only spend your time meeting with the right ones. What to take with you, what questions to ask, and how to put it all together. Get your prospect’s commitment to notify you of their decision and even fine out why, if they select another company! 3. Human Resources ; Recruiting, hiring, training, supervising, managing, and terminating employees. Create and retain your “dream team” that increases your profits, does a great job, and stays with your company as long as you’d like. 4. Quality Control and Customer Service; streamline & standardize your cleaning operations, improving your ability to retain your existing customers. Discover how to reduce complaints, raise prices, fire “bad customers”, and do it all with processes that don’t require your day-to-day involvement. 5. Creating Systems that enable you to take yourself out of the day-to-day operations to concentrate on managing your business more effectively. Clone yourself as the owner, so you have more free time to enjoy increased income & profits. 6. Mindset, Motivation and Overcoming Obstacles: While these are being introduced throughout all of the BLUEPRINT training, this one really focuses on eliminating the sense of isolation faced by all entrepreneurs but especially present in the cleaning service industry. Because you don’t regularly work in the same space with either clients or employees, you’ll learn how to create partnerships and alliances that sustain you, provide a sense of perspective, and keep you from the oh-so-common “burn-out” that’s draining your enjoyment of your business. You’ll also learn specific exercises to locate and avoid pitfalls to longevity, achieve work-life balance and truly have all the clients, income and free time you deserve!

The best way to reach out to Pam/us is by submitting this contact form.


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